i2P Botswana

It’s that time of year again! Expedition time!

Two years ago I was chosen as a youth ambassador for impossible2Possible’s Running Tunisia. With the i2P team I ran 268 km across the Sahara Desert in Tunisia. To read more about it you can check out the i2P website or my impossiblePossible tab.

Since Running Tunisia there have been three subsequent youth expeditions and right now the fourth is underway! This time 8 youth ambassadors are running across the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, Africa! While they are running they are studying the water situation and resiliency and sharing their stories with thousands of students all over the world.

I joked when I was chosen that I would have been game if all the expedition had been was sleeping in a tent for eight nights. But the bonus of hanging out with some of the most accomplished ultra runners of all time (check out www.RayZahab.com and www.marshallulrich.com), defying my own personal limits, learning about Tunisia’s nomadic culture, visiting villages both current and historical, and sharing my story with thousands of students? BEST EXPERIENCE EVER.

This is probably my most famous ‘moment’ of my expedition. The whole vomiting thing was on CNN International multiple times!

So every time there is an expedition going on I get crazy excited. I adore being around camp, hearing stories, the daily routine, the incredible food (which obviously tastes better the longer you run!) and just the excitement of living such an incredible adventure. I wish that I could be there for every expedition.

I invite you to follow along with the eight incredible youth as they exceed their own limits, share in their victories and challenges, and share as they bond, learn, run, and live. Here are the videos from day one and day two (at the bottom).

I’ll post the new videos as they come along. If you or someone you know is a teacher who would like their class to follow along let me know and I will get you set up! All of our programs are completely FREE! To see more you can ‘like’ impossible2Possible on Facebook or visit the i2P Botswana website to follow along!

Day One:

Day Two:


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