And just like that…

Another expedition comes to an end.

For each expedition there are thousands upon thousands of hours that go into the backside of getting the youth from their home towns to the deserts on the other side of the world. First and foremost, Ray and Bob put their hearts and souls into every tiny expedition detail. On top of that the education team spends countless hours researching, writing, formatting and polishing the curriculum. The schools team spends hours and hours recruiting schools, mentoring them with the curriculum and getting them set up with the technology that they need to participate.

Then there are the youth ambassadors, training their butts off day after day. Each one balances training with school, volunteering, in some cases jobs. They spend time on conference calls with the education team and with the expedition team learning curriculum, culture, and time management.

Then there are the sponsors. Without the generous sponsorships, none of this would ever happen. It is absolutely incredible the support that i2P receives in order to create all of the inspiration that it does.

I always feel a little sad when an expedition finishes. It’s always a little anti-climactic. I don’t have any videos to watch as I drink my coffee in the morning; I don’t have photos or tweets to look forward to throughout the day.

It’s exciting too though, because since I’ve been a youth ambassador I know that each and every ambassador is coming home changed. Tired, more experienced and maybe even a little dirty, but changed. And hopefully each and every person that was a part of the expedition through the videos, tweets and updates can feel that change and be inspired.

Here are the final videos. I love how the personalities come out of the youth ambassadors as the expedition goes on. I can’t wait to get to know each of them better as we work together in the future!

Cheers to everyone involved! Another phenomenal effort in the books…I am excited already for the next!

Day Three:

Day Four:

Day Five:

Day Six:

Day Seven:

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