Would you like some cupcake with that icing?

On Saturday Keith’s sister and her fiancé came over for supper. It was the first time that we have gotten together with both of them since they got engaged in June (mostly since we were in Yellowknife and Adam works in the oil field)! On Friday when I was at the grocery store I saw some chestnuts, which aren’t there that often so I knew I needed to get them!

For Christmas one year Keith got me a Canadian Living vegetarian cookbook. It is beauuuutiful! It has such great pictures to match up with super yummy recipes. My only issue is that there are quite a few recipes with somewhat obscure ingredients (like the chestnuts!) that I can’t always find at my grocery store. And for my birthday last year he got me a gift card to a local kitchen store (can you tell that he likes it when I cook for him!?). With the card I got an icing piping kit! I’ve never been fancy about my icing and had yet to use the set. I figured this was the perfect time!

So the menu was chestnut tourtiere, salad, sauteed brocolini with garlic and pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing for dessert!

I won’t post the recipes, but here are a series of photos from the supper:

I know, this photo kind of looks like vomit, BUT IT’S NOT! I promise. This is the inside of the chestnut tortiere. When we bought the chestnuts, I didn’t realize that there was an elaborate peeling process. I started out doing it, got about half way through (burning EVERY finger in the process) and then gave up in disgust and took a shower. Keith and Abby took over and between the two of them suffered three cuts and a few burns. Abby even dislodged a piece from under her nail the NEXT day and it bled. Next time we will be skipping the chestnuts and using a combo of walnuts and pecans. Unless someone has a WAY easier way to deal with them? Because they were delicious!

Pre-baked pie! I made the pastry, as you can clearly see here. Pastry is not my specialty and you can see that in the way it looks like I had to glue different pieces together just to cover the pie (hint…I did). When Keith’s mum is here over Christmas we are having a lesson! She is a pastry queen!

Looking much yummier! Albeit a little more cracked.

Four ingredient wonders! Brocolini, garlic, butter and a splash of lemon juice! So simple, quick and delicious! I will definitely be making this again.

My first piping job! Perhaps not the most professional looking, but piled high just the way we like it. I will definitely be experimenting with the different shapes of piping nozzle next time.

Would you like some cupcake with that icing? Keith and I LOVE icing. I mean, I don’t even really like cupcakes all that much, but will eat them anytime if they are smothered in icing! While these aren’t the prettiest (some I had to add another layer because the first layer was too haggard…oh darn) they are a great start! Can’t wait to put my piping set to use again!

3 thoughts on “Would you like some cupcake with that icing?

    • Unfortunately, no. For laziness reasons. I was writing it quickly trying to get to be (sad right?). If you want any of the recipes I can send them to you! I actually don’t know if there are policies about that kind of stuff and have wondered about it because of all the food blogs floating around!

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