The Best Worst Workout

(I wrote this sometime back in September and somehow it got lost in the shuffle).

Sometimes it’s just one of those days. You know the type when you feel great prior to heading for your run. You’re excited. You’re feeling fresh. You’re ready to attack each hill and conquer them one at a time. The ‘I’m going to take on the world in this workout’ feeling.

You hop into your running clothes, grab an extra hair tie, cue up your fav playlist and (warning critical mistake alert) grab a few pieces of dark chocolate before tying up your runners and heading out the door.

After biking up to the park, you lock your bike and start to jog. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the hills are batting their grassy eye lashes, just daring you to come and get them. So away you go.

It starts out quiet, just a little ache in your side. Soon the flames from your tummy are licking your esophagus and finally you’re walking, begging your body to settle down.

This was my run today. I started out ready to take on the world, and ended up sitting, taking IN the world having come full circle and instead of resisting, embracing the circle with a big huge hug.

I guess chocolate and I aren’t great friends when it comes to the days I’m tackling hills, especially directly before. But I’m actually thankful for my bad judgement, because it turned out to be one of my best worst workouts ever. After fighting my body for about half an hour, hauling myself up the hills (mostly hiking, sometimes managing a few steps of jogging) I accepted the day and sat down for some meditation.

I found a little flat rock partway down the hill, with the perfect view over the valley and city. I breathed love to myself and the world for about ten minutes and by the time the ten minutes was up, I was overflowing. I know this all sounds a little woo woo but sometimes a girl has just got to let her joy just flooow.

Sometimes it’s just one of those days. One of those run turns to walk turns to sit turns to “my goodness what an absolutely beautiful world we live in” days.

4 thoughts on “The Best Worst Workout

  1. Have you ever had the opposite? I had a race in high school where I felt like crap beforehand and everything that could possibly have gone wrong earlier in the day went wrong (Coach’s shortcut wasn’t actually a shortcut). One of the best races I’ve ever had!

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