Cookie Craziness Countdown!

Normally as soon as my birthday passes I start baking up a storm. I love that Christmas Holidays is an excuse to do tons of baking and to shower friends in cookies. But this year because of exams and a correspondence course, I haven’t done ANY! Not even one batch. Luckily Keith made his Christmas Treat (the first batch of several) and we’ve had leftover birthday cheese cake to get through so we have not been lacking sweets in our house! But although I love the eating of the sweets, I also really love the baking. I find working in the kitchen so relaxing and always feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards when I’ve got a couple dozen cookies to show for my hard work! I also usually give away baking to friends and family as gifts, so I really need to get my butt in gear!

Unfortunately I still have one more exam that is keeping me studying like crazy. But I have a plan! Starting on Monday afternoon (my exam finishes at 11 AM) I will make at least 2 batches a day for a couple of days! I already can’t wait…a long afternoon baking will be just what I need to unwind from the semester!

But first, I need suggestions! What are your favourite kind of Christmas cookies? Do you get creative or stick with basic crowd pleasers? Any and all suggestions are welcome and I will be trolling the blogosphere for the best this season!

And now (unfortunately) back to my (extremely) unexciting Tests and Measurements studying:(.

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