February Recap

Happy March! What a busy month February was!

At the beginning of the month I was frustratingly having some low back issues and decided to change up my training routine in an attempt to fix them. I don’t do a lot of strength because I like running better (terrible reason, I know) so this month I decreased my mileage in order to have time for strength 3 x week. By decreasing my mileage, I leave more time for strength type workouts.

And it’s helping! I think anyways. Another change I made this month is running for time rather than running for km’s. I had been finding with the weather (often snowy and cold) and the fact that this month I did my long runs almost exclusively on trails, that I just wasn’t covering the distance that I had planned out. On snowy, hilly trails my pace was suddenly 7:00 min/km which was a drastic change from the 5:30 min/km that I normally run on long runs in the city. So basically I switched it up to assigning myself 30 minutes per 5 km that I had had on my plan. So if I had 25km, I would do 2.5 hours (and usually end at about 20 km) etc. Oh, and I only count the moving time, so if I have 20 minutes (water break x 4, bathroom break x 2, scenery break x 2) then that time doesn’t actually count towards my run.

The result of both of these changes meant significantly less mileage. And I was disappointed to not have reached 100 miles for the first time since joining the facebook group 100 Miles for [Insert Month Here]. I have to remind myself though that my time spent training was approximately the same, and if you add in the hikes and cross country skis that I did this month, that I was well over the elusive 100 miles.

Onwards and upwards though! With only 2 months left until I leave for South East Asia, school is exploding (boo) and we are slowly but surely starting to pack up our house. The first step is getting rid of all the stuff that I’ve accumulated in the last six years that is junk and not worth taking to Victoria. We took a huge trip to Goodwill on the weekend and I see many more in our future. It’s a great feeling to purge some of the junk though and provides a welcome break from homework, homework and more homework!

Happy trails!

Cross country skiing at Nakiska

Cross country skiing at Nakiska

Sun going down after a long ski

Sun going down after a long ski


4 thoughts on “February Recap

  1. I hear you on dropping your mileage. I have had to do that with an achilles problem. But you have to live for another day, and you want to be able to run then, right?

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