The Rest of Bangkok

Other than the King’s Palace and Wat we had a few other more positive Bangkok experiences.

One we hung out with my parent’s old friend from Yellowknife who has been living and working in Bangkok for 25 years. He gave us a taste of the expat life, taking us for drinks with a business partner and then for supper at another expat’s house. Gave us tons to think about for opportunities for Keith once he starts school!

The next day Keith surprised me with a day all planned out to celebrate my convocation, which was happening back home in Calgary. First we hit a big market and split up with the challenge of finding a ‘fancy’ outfit for the evening using less than $30 each and in under one hour. It was fun racing around picking different things and haggling for better prices. In the end we both came in just over $30, but needed about double the time.

We headed back to check out of our super budget hotel and check into our celebration hotel. It was right next door, which was kind of funny, but was increda-swanky in comparison to what we’d been staying in for six weeks. It was great because it was almost brand new and still cost half the price of what it would have back home. It really tall and had a roof top pool and work out room! So exciting!

I hit the gym for a quick work out, my first time in an aircon room with weights in a really long time, and had a whole new view of the city. Afterwards we both hung out at the pool for a while, taking in the view on the other side of the building.

From there it was a change and reveal to each other in our new clothes and we were off to our reservation at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok. Unfortunately it rained so we didn’t get to see the sunset (although that’s their big selling point and Keith strategically planned our reservation time) but it was still awesome to be up there eating delicious food and reminiscing on the past six years.

We stayed the WHOLE 24 hours that we paid for, only leaving the hotel to go for supper (and a quick ice cream run after we’d gotten back) in order to maximize our time. It was nice being back in North American standard clean after our time on the road. We hit the gym and pool again, relaxed in our room, and then sadly returned to our original hotel next door. It was such a great surprise and Keith managed to keep it from me all the way until the day before (I was clueless as to when my convocation was haha). I’m so lucky!!!

All dressed up! Quite the difference from our usual sweaty selves.

All dressed up! Quite the difference from our usual sweaty selves.

The view at the restaurant.

The view at the restaurant.

P1100752The day before we left we visited Jim Thompson’s House, which is another touristy attraction and luckily was right by our hotel (no big trek in the rain this time!). It was actually pretty neat. Jim Thompson was an American expat who helped revitalize the Thai silk industry after World War II. Unfortunately he mysteriously disappeared and was never seen again (seriously), but his house was preserved. It is actually a set of traditional Thai teak houses that are all put together in a big courtyard. He collected a ton of different interesting art, and it was neat to see how he had set it all up. It was a good way to end our time in Bangkok and while there we had successfully secured our Vietnamese visas.

Next up: Northern Thailand!

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