Love: In Smoothie Form

I have a confession to make.

I kill plants like it’s my job. And no I don’t mean pesky weeds, I could probably make those thrive. I mean nice, pretty, joy inducing plants; the kind that sort of breaks your heart when they are all droopy and dead.

It’s been quite a few years now since this started happening. When I lived with my brother when I first moved out we had two plants. They were the most resilient buggers in the world. Every other month or so, Michael would go away to a world cup for two weeks and it would just be me and the plants. The first time, I was completely oblivious to the plants. I did nothing to help them live. When Michael got home, he was all “did you even water the plants ONCE?! Jill, you can’t just leave them to DIE!”.

Nope, I hadn’t even watered them once. In fact, the thought never even crossed my mind.

But they survived, so the next time he went away, I was determined not to let them down. They needed me!

I watered them When Michael got home, again he lectured me on the importance of watering the plants…But I had! Where had I gone wrong! I’d watered them with water AND TLC for two weeks straight!

I had nearly drowned them in all that water and TLC. Turns out you can’t water plants every single day or it kills them. Go figure.

We’ve been through numerous herb plants and I think they are the hardest. They always die, and quickly.

But I’m determined to hone my skills. Fresh herbs are just TOO delicious to have around the house, this time, I can’t let them die. I’m doing everything I can to keep them alive; I’m pruning them, watering them (but not too much), making sure they have sun, but aren’t too close to the window where it’s cold etc. etc. etc. Except reading about caring about plants. Maybe I should try that. 

And so far so good! It’s been five days.

But on to the smoothie love part. I’ve been using my delicious basil plant in smoothies! And it has yet to disappoint.

My smoothie and my basil plant...aren't they beautiful!

My smoothie and my basil plant…aren’t they beautiful!

Strawberry Basil Smoothie

6 large frozen strawberries
1/2 cup plain greek yogourt (or any plain yogourt, that’s just what I had)
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp honey
5+ basil leaves (just grab a bunch, lovingly, and toss em’ in!)

Put all ingredients together in a magic bullet cup or blender and blend! I usually have to add a little water part way through because I don’t put enough liquid, but I like thick smoothies, so I do that sparingly.

And enjoy! The basil takes the smoothie to a whole new level, right?!

Mmmm fresh parsley and basil soaking up the sun. Don't worry! The window isn't too cold and I take them away from that ledge AS SOON as the sun goes away. I'm trying!!!

Mmmm fresh parsley and basil soaking up the sun. Don’t worry! The window isn’t too cold and I take them away from that ledge AS SOON as the sun goes away. I’m trying!!!

9 thoughts on “Love: In Smoothie Form

  1. BEAUTIFUL! I wish you continued success in cultivating herbs in the house. The climate in your new home will be more conducive than Calgary surely. Will be transplanting my outdoor herbs into pots tomorrow and ATTEMPTING… AGAIN to keep them alive through the winter. Will be making the smoothie ASAP!!

    • Apparently there are some vegetables that you can plant NOW, outside and they will live through the winter (crazy). Although it seems kind of chilly for growing to me! Hope the herbs transfer well! It’s so worth it to try to keep them going during the winter…spruces up every meal!!!

  2. My sister makes the the most outrageous Basil Cream to go with orange polenta cake… first time I ever ate basil in a sweet context… sooo good! I might just have to try this smoothie! : )


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