Hey Gen Y’ers: Don’t Forget to Live

There have been a bunch of articles circulating lately about Generation Y and how lazy, entitled and deluded we are. I happen to be apart of Gen Y, and I also happen to be unemployed, which gives me the time to read all of these articles that scream at me what a useless, snobby, lazy person I am (oh joy).

I have to say, these articles aren’t exactly the best confidence booster as I struggle to look for a job, and I will admit that I am floundering at the moment to figure out what I want to do. You see, I have this dream that I will be able to find something that gets me up in the morning with a smile, something that makes me feel like I’m making a positive impact in the world and something that uses the education that I worked for six years to obtain.

But maybe all those authors are right, and those conditions are FAR beyond anything I could possibly deserve. I mean, it’s not like I deserve happiness and fulfillment in my life, right?

While you can perhaps deduce my feelings about these articles, this blog is not actually meant as a rebuttle. Others have done that really well and if you want to read some, check this out, or this. What I’d like to do instead is to share some advice I got last week from one of my oldest friends.

While you have time, give yourself a break and have a few adventures. Explore your town/province/world while you aren’t busy starting your career. Make time every day to enjoy your freedom.

Now I know what you’re thinking: you don’t have the money for that. And frankly? I don’t either. But since she said that to me, I’ve been making a point every day to do something to explore Victoria. Maybe that means collecting beach glass or driftwood on the beaches near my house. Maybe that means riding my bike to a friend’s to go for a walk on the ocean, and maybe that means biking to the nearest place that I can go for a hike and hoofing it up the mountain. I’ve yet to spend money on these adventures, but I’ve sure enjoyed doing them.

When I look back at how I spent my time unemployed (in the hopefully near future when I have a job), I’m certain I won’t regret the hour each day that I took to have a little fun.

This is your world, get out there and EXPLORE!

This is your world, get out there and EXPLORE!

1 thought on “Hey Gen Y’ers: Don’t Forget to Live

  1. I’ve recently decided that I want to start having more fun and doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing…traveling.
    I’ve started making money online and am now able to do the things I love. Exploring the world and living life as the adventure it is meant to be is what I’m set out to do.

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