In January of 2010, I applied to become one of four youth ambassadors from across North America for impossible2Possible’s Running Tunisia Expedition. I applied on a whim, and really didn’t think that I would be chosen, but before I knew it, I was on a phone interview and the next thing I knew, I got an email to say I was chosen! At the time, I had no idea how my relationship with impossible2Possible (i2P) would Change. My. Life.

Impossible2Possible is a non-profit organization that was founded by renowned Canadian ultra runner Ray Zahab and his american ‘brother’ Bob Cox. When Ray and Bob met through mutual friends at a fun run, their run turned into a marathon coffee date. This was the beginning of impossible2Possible.

The mandate of this incredible organization is to educate, inspire and empower youth through adventure. A team of educators creates curriculum that matches an expedition destination; youth ambassadors train to be able to complete an incredible physical feat; and thousands of students from around the world sign up to participate in the experiential learning modules.

In my case, we ran 268 km across the Sahara Desert in Tunisia in only 7 days. While on the expedition, we communicated with thousands of students while they learned through our experience about the world water situation. We wrote blogs, made videos, took pictures and were projected into classrooms from the middle of the Sahara Desert to speak to students on live video chat. The i2P education program is an experiential learning program that empowers students by having them create projects titled extraordinary acts. Not only are the students learning about a pertinent issue that affects students like them world wide, being inspired by kids just like them who are doing the unimaginable, but they are empowered to make a difference in their own schools and communities through the extraordinary acts program.

Since my expedition in Tunisia, my world has turned upside down. I assumed the role of Youth Alumni Coordinator organizing events for former ambassadors, preparing current ambassadors for expeditions and working with the education team to engage the alumni. I treasure the opportunity to be mentored by the incredible founders and volunteers of i2P and soak up every bit of wisdom that I can. If there was a defining moment in my life so far, it is undoubtably the day I got the email from Bob titled “Congratulations”!

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