One Semester Down, One to Go

About a month ago, with 6 weeks left of my fall semester, I started thinking about the things that I’m proud of that I did this semester. The list started growing so I decided to start writing them down. With only a few months left until I’m done my undergrad I am doing a lot of reflecting on the past six years, what I’ve learned (both in school, out of school and about myself). Here is the list, in no particular order: Note, not all of these apply to me, there are many that are things I’m proud of people in my life for.

– Starting this blog!
– Surviving the condescension of my personal finance prof
– Having the courage to take personal finance and then actually learning something from it
– Deciding in the first week of school that there were no courses that interested me for a fifth course and refusing to waste $600 on a course I was going to hate
– Picking up Spanish by correspondence instead
– Keith’s decision to and subsequent application to law school
– Keith studying his pants off to write the last possible LSAT that will allow him to start school in the fall (providing he gets in, which I have total confidence of!)
– Sarah’s decision to leave one job for another that would make her happier (and pay her more!)
– My brother Michael making the fall world cup team and winning 2 individual and 3 team medals and setting a new world record in the relay
– My friend Jess for not only successfully returning to competition after an injury that sidelined her for a year, but returning to competition, making fall world cups and then winning a gold and a silver medal and a relay medal!
– Starting a project with Michael that I’ve been planning for a while
– Completing a 30 day yoga challenge
– Continuing to do yoga 2-3 times a week since the challenge
– Learning how to headstand on my own!
– Completing my first trail ultra marathon
– Shea and his band Reuben and the Dark rocking a Cross Canada Tour (their first!) and getting noticed by some serious industry people
– Organizing my best school schedule ever (I only had school on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s). I could really get used to ‘four’ day weekends!
– Abby for completing the first of her two degrees!
impossible2Possible’s Expedition Botswana youth ambassadors for completing an incredible expedition and the whole i2P team for making it happen
– Completing 51 tests, assignments, papers and labs over the course of the semester
– The number of weekends I spent in the mountains
– Completing 5.5 courses (and getting straight A’s) – HA ya right, definitely not straight A’s
– Getting my first 100% on a paper; and then doing it again a couple weeks later
– Having the guts to reach out to David Wood (The Kickass Life) and interview him for a project
– My entrepreneurship group winning our class prize on a presentation that I thought was going to be the worst of my life
– Just saying NO to procrastination!

I think it’s so important to take stock every once and a while on what is special, what you’re proud of and what stands out to you. Beyond these moments of pride, there were tons of moments that I’m not proud of, and while I learned from each of them, I choose to focus on these instead.

Although not everyone is finishing a semester, everyone is approaching the end of the year. What are you proud of? What did you do that really stands out? Please share, I’d love to hear them!!!

Here are some of my favourite moments from the last few months!

I made it! It's too bad there isn't a video of me tearing down the hill full 'grin' ahead. I couldn't stop smiling!!!

Finishing my first trail ultra in Canmore

It's funny, they don't look particularly appetizing in this photo but I am drooling just thinking about them!

Finding the best ever sweet potato recipe for thanksgiving. It will be making an appearance at Christmas!

Hiking in beautiful Yoho National Park

Hiking in beautiful Yoho National Park

When Laura came to visit!

When Laura came to visit!

An awesome birthday hike and weekend!

An awesome birthday hike and weekend!

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